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Have I Missed My Chance To Apply To College For The Fall??

I’m starting a new feature on this blog called Ask Me Anything Thursday.

Today’s Ask Me Anything Thursday question:

Is it too late now to apply to college for the fallToday’s Ask Me Anything Thursday question: is it too late now to apply to college for the fall?

No it’s not too late to apply to college for this coming fall. There are many colleges that have Rolling Admissions, which means that applications for admissions will continue to be reviewed and accepted throughout the summer and possibly into the first two weeks of the semester. State colleges, community colleges and some private colleges have rolling admissions. However, you need to be aware of a few issues..

1. You want to act quickly to provide all necessary admissions paperwork: application, official school transcripts, essays, SAT or ACT


2. You may need to complete placement testing over the summer and your testing date options may limited based to the colleges testing schedule.

3. If you need financial aid, apply ASAP. You will if eligible receive an award heavily packaged with student loans, as most grant aid has been awarded for the academic year.

4. When looking at colleges to apply to, shop local. You want to apply to colleges that won’t require a long commute. Dorm rooms Are generally all assigned to students by now, with a few exceptions.

5. While you may be accepted to a college, you may not be accepted into your chosen major, especially if it is in the health fields or one that is extremely popular. Consider a General Education/Studies or Liberal Arts major now. You can work on your Core requirements (English, Math, History, etc.)

and change your major next Spring or the fall of next year.

6. If you attend a local college this year with an eye towards transferring, taking the Core requirements will allow you transfer those credits more easily, assuming you have earned a C or better.

7. While some colleges accept Transfer student for second semester, it is generally most frequently and more easily done in the fall.

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