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Fellowship Opportunities in Urban Landscape Studies at Dumbarton Oaks – THE DIRT

Dumbarton Oaks, a Harvard University research institute, library, museum, and garden in Washington, D.C., has a number of fellowships open to landscape architecture academia and practitioners focused on race, democracy, and urban landscapes. For those who seek to conduct innovative research while social distancing in a more inspired setting — a serene garden designed by…
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4 Quick Tips For A Successful Scholarship Search

Looking for additional funds for college, but have reached your student loan limit or want to minimize your loan debt? Consider applying for private scholarships. Here are some tips:

1. Check with your school’s Alumni Office to see what scholarships are available.

2. Be aware that private scholarships and grants are not just for freshman. In fact most are offered to any full time college student, including graduate students.

3. Make a list of the hobbies, talents, jobs, clubs & organizations you participated in and use these are search topics.

4. Search for scholarships based on your ethnicity, religion, and physical /personal characteristic you have (Tall, left-handed,adopted, etc).