2018-2019 FAFSA Available October 1st

For those of you with high school seniors, you should be aware that the 2018-2019 FAFSA is available October 1st. You can complete the form as early as that date, particularly if your child is applying for EARLY DECISION or EARLY ACTION. If for those students applying for college through REGULAR Admission, the FAFSA may be completed later. My suggestion would be to survey the colleges your child is likely to apply to for their FAFSA deadline for incoming freshmen. Remember that any student applying for federal or state financial aid, including student loans, must complete a FAFSA. There is no fee for submitting a FAFSA.

Note that when completing the 2018-19 you will need your 2016

Federal Tax Returns (parents’ and student’s) to complete the income section.

Also available October 1st is the College Board’s 2018-2019 CSS Profile. This is the additional form that many private colleges and universities use for determining eligibility for institutional grants and scholarships. There is a Registration fee, as well as, a fee

for each college you request be sent the results. Students applying to private colleges will fill out the FAFSA as well as the Profile.

To complete the FAFSA click this link FAFSA.

To register for the CSS Profile click this link CSS Profile.


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