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Top Engineering US Colleges for 2015

If you are considering a degree in engineering the. You have to take a look at the USAToday article reporting on the top engineering colleges in the US. When looking at a potential engineering program, though, you need to go further than the highlights given on a y of these lists.

Questions to consider:

1. What courses and grades will I need to take in high school to be competitive in the college’s admissions process? Think sciences and math.

2. What opportunities are there for internships?

3. What is the job placement in my field at the colllege and at what companies /organizations are graduates hired?

4. Does the career I aspire to require a graduate degree? If so,  I should put this college on my graduate school list and see what undergraduate colleges their grad students graduate from? This could save you money if you attend state college or university for your ungrad degree and receive your graduate degree from a top ranked college or university.

REMEMBER where you receive your graduate degree will carry more weight than your undergraduate degree, as it will be focused on your profession/career field.



Should You Hire a College Planner??

A recent article in in USAToday (Is Private College Counseling the Key  to Getting Into a Top  School), reported that 26% of college applicants hired a college counselor in 2013. That was up substantially from 2003— three times greater. When  looking into private college counselors, consider the following points.

1. What are your needs? Do you need College search assistance, application process guidance,  admissions interview coaching, essay writing counseling, test prep or financial aid application process guidance? Know what you need and make sure  that counselor you work with doesn’t try to talk you into more than you  are looking for. Larger college counseling companies have structured programs, so you may not get the personal counseling you need.

2. Ask for the background and  experience level of the counselor. There is no license for college planners, so you really need to ask questions about the counselor’s qualifications. Many people enter this field without related or strong backgrounds in college admissions or financial aid. Frequently financial planners offer this as a service as a lead in to their financial planning services.

3. Does the counselor have set counseling programs or does he/she offer an hourly fee?

4. Make sure your personalities are compatible and that you feel comfortable working with the counselor.  You must  feel free to express you needs and concerns, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

As a college planner who has over 20 years of experience as a college admissions and financial aid administrator, I am more than happy to answer these questions for my prospective clients!