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Congratulations!! You’re a high school senior and planning for college!!

How exactly are you going to be sure you make the right decision, if you can’t do the normal college search activities like college visits, open houses, staying in the dorms and sitting in on a class? Admittedly some of those options are off the table in  their traditional format this fall and probably next spring.

But high school guidance offices and college admissions offices are working hard to give you the best opportunities to get to know the colleges you are considering.

College visits to high schools have gone virtual via Zoom or Google Meet. Admissions offices are holding virtual admissions & financial aid 

Panels, discussions, admission in to online classes and even online College Fairs. I attended the Massachusetts State Universities’ College Fair last week via Zoom. I registered and selected the universities I wanted to talk to. When I entered the Zoom event, I just clicked on the logo of the university I wanted to talk to and asked my questions (or typed them in the chat). 

Some colleges are offering virtual live tours with student tour guides as well. There  are a few colleges and universities that are offering drive-through campus visits. While others are opening up limited in person campus visits: only 4 a day and only one student & one guest per visit.

In addition, here is a great website I  have been recommending  to my clients for years for  virtual college tours. https://www.youniversitytv.com/category/college/ 

So while COVID-19 has changed the manner in which students and families can get to know and get a feel for colleges, there are many opportunities to interact with college staff and students and to “see” the colleges and universities you are considering for your educational home for the next four years!