Pamper Your Dorm Room or College Apartment

Setting up your college dorm room or apartment can be overwhelming. If you are sharing a dorm or apartment trying to decide what to bring and who brings what can be unruly. It is advisable to reach out to your roommate over the summer before school starts to make sure you are not duplicating items unnecessarily.

Of course you will also need to find out what is available in the dorms and what is not allowed in the dorms. Most colleges will provide you with information about dorm size fridge rentals. Certain appliances may be banned, such as toaster ovens or room heaters. Common areas on your dorm floor may have a stove, small refrigerator or microwave.

When creating your list of things to bring to college break down the list in to categories such as:



Personal care (including prescriptions and OTC medications)

Clothes for fall (for the climate you will be living in)

Study/school supplies

Room essentials (lamps, waste basket, storage containers, extension cords,flashlight, batteries, & shelving)

Food and snacks

Kitchen essentials

I have found some very comprehensive dorm checklists online that you will find helpful when compiling your list of things to take to college.

Teen Vogue has a list of 97 things to take to college. Link to it here:

Her Campus has a list also:

To make sure you have what you need to prepare breakfast or a light meal or snack I recommend these Pampered Chef products, which I sell at Sharon’s Pampered Chef.

Cook breakfast
Breakfast Sandwich Maker & Ceramic Egg Cooker
Glass Storage Container & Small Batter Bowl
Snack Bar Maker & Microwave Popcorn Maker
Personal Pizza Stone & Toaster Oven Pan
Measure-All & Measuring Spoons Set
Micro Rice Cooker & MicroCooker
Utensils & Cutting Mats


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