Massachusetts’ MASSTRANSFER program Saves Families Money

College costs , even at state colleges and universities, are soaring and causing students and families to worry whether they can afford a college education. The state of Massachusetts offers several programs through the MASSTRANSFER program. MassTransfer program offers three options: Gen Foundation, MASSTRANSFER A2B and MASSTRANSFER A2B +COMCOM.

With the Gen Foundation option, students enroll and complete the 28 general education foundation courses, at any Massachusetts community college, state university or University of Massachusetts campus. There are a few exceptions such as Mass Maritime and Mass College of Art. Students can save 11% of the tuition costs of a public four year degree by transferring those credits to a Mass State University or UMASS. Because students are only taking the foundation courses, no Associates degree is awarded when participating in this program. Credits are guaranteed to be accepted as transfer credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Admission is not guaranteed to the state four year institution.

A 28% savings can be realized when students enroll in the MASSTRANSFER A2B degree program. Students in this program attend a Massachusetts community college for two years and receive an Associate degree, then transfer to a Mass. state university or UMASS campus to complete their Bachelor’s degree.

For an even greater savings — 40%, students may choose to participate in the MASSTRANSFER A2B + COMCOM. COMCOM stands for Commonwealth Commitment. The Commonwealth Commitment requires the student to start their college career at a Mass. Community college, then transfer to a Mass. state university or UMASS campus to complete the last two years of their Bachelor Degree. MASSTRANSFER Students must attend full time and complete their bachelor degree courses in two years, while maintaining a 3.0 GPA. In return the state guarantees a freeze on all tuition and mandatory fees, a 10% rebate on tuition and fees at the end of each completed semester.

With the MASSTRANSFER A2B and MASSTRANSFER A2B +COMCOM programs students are guaranteed that their credits will transfer from the community college to the state university and UMASS as long as students achieves a GPA of 2.0+. With a GPA of 2.5+ students are guaranteed state university or UMASS admission.

Students must apply for each of these programs and complete an application and MASSTRANSFER A2B +COMCOM applicants must complete a participation agreement.

Both of these are available on-line at


If you are considering transferring colleges and are unsure of your options, need help identifying colleges that fit your needs, or have a weak academic history, contact me at to schedule a private consultation.


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